We provide professional advice about all aspects of Occupational Pension Schemes, from inception to discontinuance:-

  • Scheme design and benefit structure
  • Legal advice and technical information
  • Scheme documentation
  • Explanatory booklets and communications with employees
  • Bespoke seminars and Trustee training
  • The implications of company acquisitions, sales or mergers
  • Special investigations and reports
  • Reviewing insurance of death and other risk benefits

Designing and operating modern schemes is a complex task with many legal, actuarial, accounting, investment and taxation elements to consider. Making sense of the whole requires sound technical knowledge across all of these disciplines, but we believe that good consultancy requires something more. It demands that the consultant has the experience and vision to see the broad picture and identify the opportunities that exist, to anticipate where future changes might be required, and to see answers to problems that others might miss.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find the right solutions in each client’s unique circumstances, and to deliver effective advice in a friendly, helpful and practical manner.