We offer comprehensive pension scheme administration services:-

  • Membership records
  • Calculation and payment of benefits
  • Pensioner payroll
  • Annual benefit statements
  • Trustees’ annual reports
  • Pension scheme annual accounts
  • Bespoke reports
  • Data Audits

In addition to full routine record-keeping capabilities our systems can provide flexible on-demand reporting facilities, and include extensive benefit calculation suites to provide quick answers to ‘what if?’ queries.

For security reasons we have decided not to offer clients direct access facilities to our computerised systems at the present time. We are, however, able to exchange data with a client in a mutually convenient electronic format if required.

Each client will have a different yardstick and expectation of quality of administration. We will discuss these explicitly with you to ensure that you are not disappointed. In general we work to benchmark response times for repetitive tasks and to specific deadlines for one-off activities. We are committed to providing an exceptional administrative service at an economic cost.